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Custom Guitar Build

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Having a custom guitar built is about getting what you want in a guitar that meets all your needs and requirements, the style and appearance you are looking for and the hardware and electronics that make the guitar unique with the great sound you are looking for. At Legend Guitars we want this to be a satisfying and rewarding experience. It all starts with a consultation where all details are discussed and documented. Once this process is completed, a detailed cost estimate is completed and discussed with the customer. Once any final changes are made and the cost estimate is signed off, the custom build begins.

Custom Guitar Build

Zane routing guitar body

During the building process, the customer will receive photos by email, of various stages of the building of the guitar documenting the progress and how the construction is going. This provides a unique documentation of the guitar and its construction. Customers are also welcome to come in person and view the construction progress of their guitar. Customers are also given an approximate build time and an expected completion date. Customers are directly involved in the selection of wood being used in the body, neck specifications and materials being used as well as hardware selection, pick-ups selection and a host of other characteristics of the custom build. In this way there is no risk and the customer gets exactly what they want in a guitar. All custom built guitars are unique and built to high standards of construction. As a master guitar builder my objective is to provide the customer with a high quality custom built guitar that meets all their needs and rewards them with the joy of playing a great looking and sounding guitar.

We also build vintage reproduction guitars for customers on request. A vintage reproduction guitar is an exact reproduction of a vintage guitar in all respects. These guitars are so well made to vintage specifications that you would have a very hard time telling the difference between the vintage guitar and our reproduction. If you always wanted to own a vintage guitar but could not afford the high cost of such instruments; then, a vintage reproduction is the answer.