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Legend 5 string "F Bass" (SOLD)

Legend 5 string "F Bass" (SOLD)


This 5 string bass has a maple fingerboard and a satin silky smooth finish on the back of the neck and fingerboard. The body is figured white ash and the open grain has been filled with a black grain filler to give the desired look acentuating the wood grain. The body has a thick catalized polyurathane finish which has been highly polished.

The bass is equipped with soap bar Bartolini active/ passive pickups and an Aguliar 3 band EQ pre-amp system. The first control is a push pull active passive volume control. The second control is a blend control to blend the 2 pickups. The third control is a Mid push pull and the last control is a treble bass stack. The bass operates on two 9 volt batteries and has a battery compartment on the back of the bass for quick access.

Between the pickups is an ebony finger/ thumb rest. The bass has a high end black Gotoh bridge and tuners as well as black aluminum knobs. The truss rod is easily accessible at the heel of the neck while the strings are still on the bass. This is without question, one of the nicest basses I have built and it truly sounds great. For more information on this bass, or for a custom order, please feel free to call me at 902 462-6292 or email me at zane.obrien@bellaliant.net

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$3200 CDN - SOLD
Canada & USA
One year limited warrantee

For more information on this guitar feel free to call 902 462-6292 or send us an email.

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$3200 CDN - SOLD